Here's a little page where we can share a bit of our process with you...

month five:

tricia's process:



I was inspired by the seasonal strawberries, the sunshine, and a fantastic strawberry creamsicle I had had the week before :). I can imagine toting around a bunch of freshly cut lilacs bought from a flower stand only to happen upon an ice cream cart where the strawberry creamsicle would catch my eye. The mingling of flavors from the strawberries and cream, the crisp floral smell of the fresh lilac, and the warm sun on my shoulders is my recipe for a perfect summer day!

abby's process:




I love watching the seasons change through fresh flowers. Lilacs definitely signal the change from spring into summer for me. And that's a good thing...

month four:

chelsea's process:


My drawing this month was inspired by one of Abby's photos she posted online. I have been waiting for summer to show itself, more than normal this year- it seemed to be a winter that wouldn't stop. So when I saw those clothespins, they brought back all the memories of freshly cut grass, clean crisp laundry that drys in the warm air, being barefoot, and lemonade. I could go on and on. Spring has since become evident around us, but I'm still waiting for those perfect summer days.

abby's process:





This month we took a day trip to the beach.
We visited a little candy shop where all sorts of confections are made on site.
Candies of yore abound, including the bubble gums cigars in the photo for this month.
It's nice to feel like a kid sometimes.

month three:

abby's process...

Succulents are some of my favorite plants. They grow like crazy when allowed to, or can be kept in tiny pots. Here are some of my favorite succulent photos:


I found these all grouped together and for sale at a little shop in the Sellwood neighborhood. This was one of the first photos I took with my vintage yashica camera.


These two tiny plants used to live on my writing desk, next to a jar of Polaroids. They now live happily in our bathroom.


This gorgeous hanging succulent is in a strangers home, but I admire it so much I had to shoot a quick photo of it.


This plant James and I bought on our honeymoon in Santa Cruz.

month two:

chelsea's process...

I always draw on tracing paper, because it is easy for me, whether for letterpress or not, to see how things will look when layered.

v           final2

Here's where I draw the image so I know where to paint the drawing fluid.
This method of screenprinting is by far the most hands on, and most organic. I love this method, because it conveys the more hand drawn approach. I then paint on the drawing fluid, which temporarily blocks the screen filler, to create a stencil.

cd           fnal2

The red part is the screen filer drying, and it is what blocks the ink from going through. The green shown will wash out, and be the image to print. Then I move on to printing, which is always a little messy.

cod           fnpal2

Here are the prints drying:

Next I had to print the two letterpress designs on each of the pieces.

Then I had to package them up and pass them on to Abby...

cold           fnplal2

abby's process:

This month, James and I visited my family in my home town.

My Mom has many collections.

One important one is of birds and another is of eggs.
These collections made me recall my own childhood-when the backyard contained a chicken coop full of my brother's hens and my Mom's doves.

It was nice to see my nieces and nephews were as entranced by the birds as we used to be...


month one:

mixink           silverpress

back           bag

abby's notes:

I'd never seen a press in action before I watched Chelsea print. So much labor is involved to make one small print; mixing inks, applications, pushing, pressing, and pulling. I love the idea of making something with so much physical work put into it.
Chelsea's studio is full of inspirational bits, and I couldn't help but shoot a bunch of photos. The bright red flower in the window sill brought a smile to my face and became my favorite shot of that day...
I feel as though this will be a very fun year for us...

apron       ch

I will never tire of old aprons or chalkboards.


It may seem silly to some how beautiful I think this mug is, but I still think it's so beautiful, nonetheless. I love it when people's homes are filled with treasures made by friends. Hope to share some of my workspace with you next month!